• A History of Short Words — A very half-finished attempt to catalog words of five or less letters from the New York Times crossword puzzle since August 15, 2006. Login required for some features.
  • Ye Olde Sturbridge Village — Take a trip back in tyme to ye olde days, and learn how things were done in Ye Olde Sturbridge Village in this online book.
  • 2004 debate analyzer — A tool for analyzing the 2004 presidential debates by counting the occurences of phrases of certain lengths. As fun as it sounds.

Letter from Todd Stadler

Dear loyal Cockahoop fan,

If you're one of the more observant Cockahoop users, you may notice some changes to as you look around. That's because we've made some changes.

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Comics and drawings

  • The Poor LeDrawns in "Hiatus" — when I decided to stop blogging for a year (before it was cool to stop blogging), I drew this cartoon as a placeholder.
  • Erudite renderings — two comics inspired by the mixed emotions conjured in me by New Yorker cartoons.
  • promokod lascana
  • Political cartoons — two insightful takes on contemporary polit ... er, ham-fisted gags. And poorly drawn, at that.
  • Phone story — the story of a man and his cell phone, told in comics form
  • Lost robot — a poster for hanging on telephone poles that was never hung, for a robot that was never lost

Movies and screenplays

  • UFO U. — a film about the intricate relationships that we form, with aliens
  • Over Troubled Water — a movie that finally gives civil engineers their due
  • Ludditor — a treatise on the importance of technology in keeping us monster-free

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