A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Tue, 14 Mar '23
Children's TV character with a falsetto voice
Fri, 10 Mar '23
Sesame Street resident
Wed, 25 Jan '23
Muppet who speaks in a falsetto
Sun, 1 Jan '23
Sesame Street resident who refers to himself in the third person
Fri, 11 Nov '22
Muppet known for singing duets with "Sesame Street" guests
Wed, 12 Oct '22
Friend of Telly and Zoe
Mon, 12 Sep '22
Ticklish Muppet
Sun, 26 Jun '22
Red Muppet
Sun, 5 Jun '22
Saint associated with a "fire"
Mon, 16 May '22
Furry red Muppet
Thu, 12 May '22
TV character originally called "Baby Monster"
Sun, 13 Feb '22
Muppet who refers to himself in the third person
Sat, 29 Jan '22
Nonhuman host of a talk show on HBO Max
Sun, 14 Nov '21
Muppet who hosts the "Not-Too-Late Show"
Thu, 24 Jun '21
Love to Hug ___ (plush doll)
Thu, 1 Apr '21
Friend of Cookie Monster
Wed, 20 Jan '21
Muppet who once helped Emeril on "Emeril Live"
Thu, 7 Jan '21
Resident at 123 Sesame Street
Sun, 3 Jan '21
Muppet who sings in the "Try, Try Again" song