A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 1 Nov '21
Cookie whose packaging shows a splash of milk
Tue, 26 Oct '21
Treat with a 71%-to-29% cookie-to-cream ratio
Sun, 10 Oct '21
Ingredient in a McDonald's McFlurry
Sun, 5 Sep '21
Treat thought to be stamped with symbols of the Knights Templar
Wed, 18 Aug '21
Black-and-white item in a sleeve
Wed, 28 Jul '21
Cookie that has been deemed kosher since 1997
Thu, 1 Jul '21
Crumbly ice cream topping
Tue, 13 Apr '21
Cookie in the shape of its first and last letters
Tue, 16 Mar '21
Frozen yogurt flavor
Sun, 10 Jan '21
___ O's (breakfast cereal)
Sun, 3 Jan '21
Certain pie crust flavor