A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 3 Oct '22
First clue number in this puzzle that doesn't have an Across answer
Thu, 15 Sep '22
Helium, on the periodic table
Sun, 14 Aug '22
Retired jersey number for the 76ers' Moses Malone
Wed, 18 May '22
Number of hole cards in Texas hold 'em
Wed, 6 Apr '22
Start of all Washington, D.C., ZIP codes
Sun, 6 Mar '22
It's under @ on a keyboard
Thu, 1 Jul '21
Fri, 11 Jun '21
"Arguing with a fool proves there are ___": Doris M. Smith
Tue, 25 May '21
Start of every ZIP code in Washington, D.C.
Sat, 27 Mar '21
Divisor in the golden ratio
Tue, 9 Feb '21
Early afternoon hour