A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 28 Mar '24
"Be mindful when clicking," in brief
Mon, 22 Jan '24
Initialism meaning "Be wary of looking at this in the office"
Fri, 15 Dec '23
Warning letters with a Reddit link
Fri, 29 Sep '23
Office warning letters
Sat, 8 Jul '23
Link warning
Wed, 31 May '23
[Wait until you're home to click this!]
Tue, 16 May '23
[Warning: Explicit content!]
Sat, 13 May '23
Warning accompanying a link
Thu, 9 Mar '23
Like R-rated pics, in brief
Thu, 13 Oct '22
"Careful where you open this" indicator
Thu, 3 Mar '22
"Office-inappropriate" tag
Sat, 3 Jul '21
Warning made with H.R. in mind