A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 25 Dec '22
Hundred Acre Wood resident who sometimes falls into mouse holes while practicing jumping
Fri, 9 Dec '22
Li'l joey, for one
Fri, 2 Dec '22
Friend of Lumpy the Heffalump
Wed, 26 Oct '22
Young inhabitant of the Hundred Acre Wood
Sun, 9 Oct '22
One with a marsupium, affectionately
Fri, 26 Aug '22
Joey who doesn't wear pants
Thu, 3 Feb '22
Offspring of Kanga
Fri, 3 Dec '21
Quintana __, Mexican state that's home to CancĂșn
Thu, 15 Jul '21
Joey of children's fiction
Sun, 11 Apr '21
Quintana ___ (Mexican state that's home to CancĂșn)
Mon, 29 Mar '21
Outback hopper, informally
Thu, 11 Mar '21
Young one in the Hundred Acre Wood
Sat, 30 Jan '21
Buck, boomer, jack, flyer or jill, informally