A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 19 Mar '23
Organizer of a school field day, for short
Thu, 2 Mar '23
Child-oriented nonprofit grp.
Sun, 12 Feb '23
Educ. supporter
Tue, 11 Oct '22
Org. sponsoring a school fund-raiser, perhaps
Wed, 17 Aug '22
Group that often elects officers in Sept.
Mon, 8 Aug '22
Org. sponsoring school fund-raisers
Fri, 1 Jul '22
Book fair org.
Mon, 9 May '22
School fund-raising grp.
Tue, 19 Apr '22
Org. that provides chaperones for field trips
Fri, 16 Jul '21
Home-school link, for short
Sun, 21 Mar '21
Book fair organizer, maybe, in brief
Fri, 5 Mar '21
Grp. with the motto "Every child. One voice"