A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 28 May '23
Hit the paper plane icon, say
Mon, 1 May '23
Command that may be accompanied by a "whoosh" sound
Wed, 26 Oct '22
Tue, 4 Oct '22
Dangerous email button to hit accidentally
Tue, 26 Jul '22
Bad button to click accidentally
Thu, 14 Jul '22
What a paper airplane may represent
Mon, 23 May '22
"This email is finished" button
Sun, 17 Apr '22
Button often denoted by a right arrow
Sun, 27 Mar '22
What an up arrow might mean
Wed, 16 Mar '22
Sun, 26 Dec '21
Put over the moon
Sun, 25 Jul '21
iPhone button with an up arrow on it
Mon, 14 Jun '21
Email button
Fri, 30 Apr '21
Bad button to hit by accident