A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 31 Aug '23
Follower of November
Wed, 9 Aug '23
The "O" in EGOT
Mon, 17 Apr '23
Prize for Best Original Score, e.g.
Mon, 11 Jul '22
Award won by Paul Newman and Gary Oldman
Sun, 17 Apr '22
Children's character who sings "I Love Trash"
Sun, 20 Feb '22
Letter between November and Papa in the NATO alphabet
Sun, 13 Feb '22
Uncle for whom an annual award is supposedly named
Thu, 30 Dec '21
Thu, 29 Jul '21
NATO alphabet letter in "NATO"
Mon, 1 Mar '21
___ the Grouch
Sun, 3 Jan '21
Award won twice by Hammerstein, fittingly
Wed, 30 Dec '20
Envelope information in "May I have the envelope, please?"
Mon, 28 Dec '20
Grouchy Muppet