A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 20 Nov '23
Neighbor of Bolivia
Sat, 28 Oct '23
Paddington Bear's place of origin, before arriving in England
Tue, 17 Oct '23
Home of the Inca Trail
Fri, 28 Jul '23
Its northernmost extreme is just 2.1 miles from the equator
Tue, 4 Jul '23
Lima's home
Fri, 5 May '23
Source of the Amazon River
Mon, 13 Mar '23
Country that's home to the Inca Trail
Sat, 27 Aug '22
Country whose name can be typed on just the top row of a keyboard
Sun, 26 Jun '22
Country whose name together with its capital city has only eight letters
Thu, 19 May '22
Home to the oldest continuously operating university in the Americas
Tue, 10 May '22
Land in the Andes
Thu, 24 Mar '22
Machu Picchu locale
Thu, 16 Dec '21
Its flag has vertical stripes of red-white-red
Tue, 30 Nov '21
Home of many of the world's alpacas
Sun, 1 Aug '21
Its national drink is the pisco sour