A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sat, 31 Dec '22
His initial stands for Tureaud
Thu, 24 Nov '22
TV actor who co-starred in "Rocky III"
Tue, 18 Oct '22
"The A-Team" actor with a mohawk
Sat, 23 Jul '22
1980s TV celeb with a role in "Rocky III"
Tue, 7 Jun '22
Old TV star whose haircut was inspired by Mandinka warriors
Mon, 9 May '22
Mohawked star of "The A-Team"
Sun, 13 Mar '22
Portrayer of the boxer Clubber Lang in "Rocky III"
Mon, 28 Feb '22
Actor with the famous line "I pity the fool!"
Tue, 3 Aug '21
Old TV star with the catchphrase "I pity the fool"
Sun, 4 Jul '21
Actor who was once crowned "America's Toughest Bouncer"
Sun, 27 Jun '21
"I 30-Down the fool!" speaker
Fri, 12 Feb '21
TV/film star who became a pro wrestler