A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 19 Nov '23
Some nail-biters, for short
Mon, 9 Oct '23
Tiebreaker periods, for short
Fri, 1 Sep '23
They're even at the start, in brief
Fri, 25 Aug '23
What ties can get you into, for short
Mon, 31 Jul '23
Extra periods in sports, in brief
Mon, 1 May '23
Play periods after the buzzer, informally
Mon, 13 Mar '23
Tiebreaker periods, for short
Fri, 3 Feb '23
Extra play opportunities, in brief
Thu, 19 Jan '23
2021's Illinois vs. Penn State football game featured nine of these, an N.C.A.A. record
Fri, 26 Aug '22
Extra periods, for short
Mon, 22 Aug '22
Extra N.B.A. periods, for short
Sat, 28 May '22
Decisive periods, in brief
Fri, 22 Apr '22
Regulation followers, for short
Mon, 18 Apr '22
Tiebreakers in hoops
Fri, 19 Nov '21
Periods that aren't usually added, for short?
Thu, 5 Aug '21
"Fourth periods" in hockey, for short
Tue, 15 Jun '21
Nerve-racking parts of games, in brief
Tue, 6 Apr '21
Ends of some exciting games, for short