A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Tue, 27 Feb '24
Trojans' sch.
Wed, 30 Aug '23
Trojans' sch.
Sun, 20 Aug '23
Trojans' sch.
Sun, 2 Apr '23
Slangy reply when Bart's sister asks "What's Covid?" / An iconic Leonardo
Sun, 13 Nov '22
Sch. for which John Wayne played tackle
Thu, 3 Nov '22
Trojans' sch.
Sun, 21 Aug '22
Only sch. to have a gold medal-winning athlete in every Summer Olympics since 1912
Wed, 20 Jul '22
Sch. with the most Pac-12 football championships
Thu, 16 Jun '22
College inits. on both the East and West Coasts
Thu, 5 May '22
Where second gentleman Doug Emhoff got his J.D.
Thu, 24 Mar '22
East Coast and West Coast educational inits.
Sun, 8 Aug '21
Trojans' sch.
Tue, 2 Mar '21
L.A. school