A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sat, 4 Mar '23
Big reference, but shortened
Thu, 13 Oct '22
Meaningful work, for short?
Thu, 14 Apr '22
Work started by London's Philological Soc.
Sun, 23 Jan '22
Alternative to Webster's, in brief
Sun, 14 Nov '21
It added "essential worker" in March of 2021: Abbr.
Fri, 20 Aug '21
Ref. work that took more than 70 years to complete
Wed, 23 Jun '21
Where Boxing Day comes before Christmas, in brief?
Mon, 3 May '21
A-to-zed lexicon, in brief
Wed, 10 Mar '21
Subj. of Charlotte Brewer's "Treasure-House of the Language"