A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 28 Mar '24
Pulitzer-winning author whose name is found in nonconsecutive letters of "page turner"
Thu, 29 Feb '24
Pulitzer-winning author who was also a film critic for Time magazine
Sun, 1 Oct '23
Pulitzer Prize winner for "A Death in the Family"
Sun, 9 Apr '23
Pulitzer winner James
Mon, 5 Dec '22
Novelist James who co-wrote the screenplay for "The African Queen"
Mon, 4 Jul '22
James ___, author who won a posthumous Pulitzer
Fri, 17 Dec '21
He won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize in 1958
Thu, 11 Nov '21
"A Death in the Family" writer
Sat, 21 Aug '21
Posthumous Pulitzer winner of 1958
Tue, 29 Dec '20
Pulitzer-winning James
Sun, 27 Dec '20
C.I.A. whistle-blower Philip