A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 20 Nov '22
Certain fluency-building subj.
Thu, 18 Aug '22
Night class, perhaps, in brief
Tue, 17 May '22
Class offered at many Y.M.C.A.s
Sun, 30 Jan '22
Subj. for some future bilinguals
Tue, 24 Aug '21
Class for some immigrants, in brief
Sun, 1 Aug '21
Subj. devoting extra time to idioms
Thu, 15 Jul '21
Night sch. class
Wed, 14 Jul '21
Subj. for some aspiring bilinguals
Fri, 9 Jul '21
Common night school class, for short
Tue, 22 Jun '21
Y.M.C.A. course, for short
Mon, 15 Mar '21
Course for some immigrants, in brief