A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 8 Oct '23
Many a homework assignment
Fri, 26 May '23
Bacon bit?
Sun, 11 Dec '22
Cause of class struggle?
Sun, 10 Jul '22
Blue book filler
Tue, 25 Jan '22
College application part
Wed, 25 Aug '21
Writing assignment
Sun, 15 Aug '21
Time-consuming assignment to grade
Sun, 20 Jun '21
Work from Roxane Gay or Jia Tolentino
Tue, 4 May '21
One in a stack for an English teacher to grade
Fri, 9 Apr '21
Feature of The New York Review of Books
Sun, 21 Mar '21
SAT section eliminated by the College Board in 2021
Fri, 8 Jan '21
Assignment that sounds like its third and fourth letters