A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 26 Nov '23
Midback muscle
Tue, 22 Aug '23
Back muscle, informally
Mon, 27 Feb '23
Back muscle, in brief
Fri, 5 Aug '22
Alaska has the highest one in the U.S.: Abbr.
Tue, 21 Jun '22
Muscle worked by a kettlebell swing, informally
Sat, 9 Apr '22
Line on a map: Abbr.
Sun, 6 Mar '22
West Coast news inits.
Wed, 1 Sep '21
Pull-up muscle, for short
Sat, 22 May '21
Muscle worked in rowing exercises, for short
Wed, 24 Mar '21
What doesn't go a long. way?
Sun, 3 Jan '21
Back muscle, in brief