A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 29 Nov '21
Prez dispenser?
Wed, 24 Nov '21
Skimmer's target, often
Sat, 30 Oct '21
Many take notes using one
Thu, 21 Oct '21
Place to get paper with plastic?
Fri, 10 Sep '21
Dispenser in many a vestibule
Wed, 8 Sep '21
Device that usually has a touchscreen, for short
Tue, 24 Aug '21
Deli fixture with a store of bread?
Thu, 27 May '21
Producer of the Jacksons?
Wed, 17 Mar '21
It may be found on the side of a bank
Wed, 3 Feb '21
___ card
Fri, 8 Jan '21
This can help you find your balance