A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Fri, 2 Jun '23
Land with an exclave on the Strait of Hormuz
Tue, 23 May '23
Gulf nation
Wed, 5 Apr '23
Sultanate near Yemen
Sun, 26 Mar '23
The so-called "Pearl of Arabia"
Sun, 19 Mar '23
Home of Bahla Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Wed, 22 Feb '23
Arab nation that's a top exporter of gypsum
Mon, 6 Feb '23
Country bordering Yemen
Tue, 31 Jan '23
Country that borders Yemen
Sun, 25 Dec '22
Saudi Arabia neighbor
Sun, 4 Dec '22
U.N. member classified as a sultanate
Wed, 30 Nov '22
Sultanate on the Arabian Sea
Mon, 6 Jun '22
Its capital is Muscat
Wed, 18 May '22
Nation bordering the Arabian Sea
Mon, 14 Feb '22
Muscat's land
Thu, 6 Jan '22
One of two sultanates in the United Nations
Fri, 24 Dec '21
Besides Brunei, the only current sovereign sultanate
Sat, 13 Nov '21
Home of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Tue, 2 Nov '21
Country near the Strait of Hormuz
Mon, 1 Nov '21
"Toe" of the Arabian Peninsula
Sun, 24 Oct '21
Oldest independent state in the Arab world
Fri, 10 Sep '21
The toe of a geographical "boot"
Wed, 23 Jun '21
Muscat's sultanate
Wed, 17 Mar '21
Only United Nations member whose name starts with "O"
Thu, 11 Feb '21
Its flag displays a curved dagger known as a khanjar
Tue, 5 Jan '21
Country whose name can be an exclamation
Tue, 29 Dec '20
Mideast sultanate