A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Wed, 11 May '22
Banjo spot, in song
Tue, 10 May '22
One may be taken in protest
Sun, 6 Feb '22
Spot for a patch, perhaps
Thu, 21 Oct '21
Something taken in protest
Sat, 11 Sep '21
Take a ___
Thu, 29 Jul '21
Where bursitis may appear
Tue, 6 Jul '21
Bendable body part
Wed, 23 Jun '21
It may be taken in protest
Tue, 25 May '21
Part of the body mentioned in "Oh! Susanna"
Tue, 9 Feb '21
Part of jeans that might be ripped
Sun, 10 Jan '21
To take this, paradoxically, might signify taking a stand