A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 3 Mar '24
Sun, 2 Jul '23
Court count
Mon, 1 May '23
This clue's number divided by three
Mon, 13 Mar '23
Digit that looks like another digit when turned upside down
Sun, 26 Feb '23
Number of worlds in Norse myth
Sun, 29 Jan '23
___-Down (what this is)
Thu, 29 Sep '22
Impressive diving score
Sun, 21 Aug '22
Symbol of longevity in Chinese numerology
Tue, 5 Jul '22
What all Alaska ZIP codes start with
Sat, 11 Sep '21
Ball with a yellow stripe
Mon, 23 Aug '21
The sum of the digits of any multiple of ___ is a multiple of ___ (arithmetic curiosity)
Fri, 20 Aug '21
16-Across squared
Thu, 1 Jul '21
Point value commonly assigned to a queen in chess
Wed, 28 Apr '21
Number that, in Chinese languages, is a homophone for "longevity," and is thus considered good luck
Mon, 19 Apr '21
Start of every California ZIP code
Fri, 16 Apr '21
Yellow-striped ball
Wed, 10 Feb '21
Number of M.V.P. awards won by Wayne Gretzky
Tue, 9 Feb '21
Score for a bull's-eye in archery