A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sat, 17 Feb '24
Show with a Joke Swap segment, in brief
Sat, 10 Feb '24
Institution of 40+ years that has many notable alums
Wed, 31 Jan '24
NBC staple since 1975, in brief
Fri, 19 Jan '24
Launchpad for many comics, in brief
Thu, 30 Nov '23
Forte and Strong once worked on it, for short
Sun, 26 Nov '23
Producer of sketches, in brief
Mon, 9 Oct '23
NBC skit show since 1975, in brief
Mon, 25 Sep '23
Weekend TV comedy show, in brief
Sun, 23 Jul '23
Show shot in Studio 8H, for short
Wed, 31 May '23
Tina Fey was its first female head writer, in brief
Mon, 27 Mar '23
Long-running Lorne Michaels production, for short
Tue, 21 Feb '23
Long-running sketch show, in brief
Sun, 5 Feb '23
Show with a "What's Up With That?" segment, for short
Thu, 29 Dec '22
Show with "featured players," in brief
Tue, 27 Dec '22
Weekend comedy hit, in brief
Wed, 17 Aug '22
NBC hit since 1975, in brief
Fri, 15 Jul '22
Show that opens with an iconic crane shot, in brief
Mon, 4 Jul '22
NBC comedy show, in brief
Sat, 18 Jun '22
With 45-Across, performance in Studio 8H
Fri, 29 Apr '22
Show featuring Bowen Yang, for short
Tue, 29 Mar '22
NBC weekend skit show, for short
Thu, 3 Mar '22
Show that spawned "Wayne's World," in brief
Tue, 1 Mar '22
NBC hit since '75
Wed, 22 Dec '21
Sketch show since '75
Thu, 16 Dec '21
Weekly 90-min. TV show
Tue, 16 Nov '21
Weekly show famously filmed in Studio 8H, in brief
Sun, 17 Oct '21
Kenan Thompson is its longest-tenured member, for short
Sun, 12 Sep '21
Show with over 1,000 handwritten cue cards each week, for short
Wed, 18 Aug '21
Show with the recurring character Target Lady, in brief
Fri, 23 Jul '21
Letters that can fill in the blanks of "_A_D_ER" to make an appropriate surname
Thu, 15 Jul '21
Not Ready for Prime Time Players show, for short
Mon, 28 Jun '21
NBC sketch show, in brief
Thu, 17 Jun '21
Chase vehicle, once, in brief?
Sun, 6 Jun '21
Show filmed at Rockefeller Ctr.
Tue, 1 Jun '21
See 41-Down
Tue, 11 May '21
Where the Blues Brothers debuted, for short
Thu, 8 Apr '21
Airer of political parodies, briefly
Sun, 7 Mar '21
Popular 90-min. show
Tue, 29 Dec '20
Show known for its cold opens, for short