A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Tue, 2 Aug '22
Org. that takes many forms
Mon, 13 Jun '22
Org. that won't call to demand payments, despite what its impostors would have you believe
Sun, 8 May '22
Org. often impersonated by phone scammers
Wed, 20 Apr '22
Div. of the Treasury Department
Thu, 3 Feb '22
Agcy. making lax regs
Mon, 17 Jan '22
1040 org.
Sun, 31 Oct '21
Distributor of CARES Act funds
Sun, 12 Sep '21
They await your return, in brief
Sun, 30 May '21
Org. with a complex code
Sun, 25 Apr '21
Auditing org.
Sun, 17 Jan '21
Org. that takes many forms
Tue, 5 Jan '21
Org. with an inspector general