A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 13 May '24
Home of the Colosseum
Sat, 20 Apr '24
First city to reach a population of one million people, in the second century B.C.
Mon, 11 Dec '23
Home to the Colosseum
Mon, 13 Nov '23
World capital that "wasn't built in a day"
Fri, 10 Nov '23
Terminus of the Appian Way
Thu, 6 Jul '23
City where the 41-Across was commissioned
Thu, 1 Jun '23
City associated with pasta carbonara
Fri, 30 Dec '22
1990 World Cup final city
Thu, 28 Apr '22
Home to Caesar's palace
Sat, 29 Jan '22
New York city