A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Wed, 19 Oct '22
One foot in "the grave," poetically speaking
Fri, 16 Sep '22
"Platoon," but not "Dunkirk"
Sun, 4 Sep '22
Mon, 8 Aug '22
Metrical foot in poetry
Tue, 19 Jul '22
One of three in "To be or not to be"
Sun, 26 Jun '22
"Macbeth," but not "Hamlet"
Thu, 16 Jun '22
Trochee's counterpart
Thu, 3 Feb '22
Shakespearean fool
Tue, 4 Jan '22
Poetic foot with a short and long syllable
Thu, 31 Dec '20
Foot with a short part and a long part