A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 4 Sep '22
"I didn't need to know that!"
Sun, 22 May '22
Cry while plugging one's ears
Wed, 18 May '22
"All right, I've heard plenty"
Thu, 7 Apr '22
"You shoulda kept that to yourself"
Sun, 13 Feb '22
"That's enough about your sex life!"
Sun, 6 Feb '22
"Enough already!"
Wed, 12 Jan '22
"Spare me the gory details"
Sat, 18 Sep '21
"That's quite enough!"
Thu, 16 Sep '21
"I did NOT need to hear that!," in brief
Sat, 24 Jul '21
"Spare me the details!"
Sun, 11 Jul '21
Reply to an oversharer
Sun, 7 Mar '21
"OK, you can stop the story right there"
Tue, 2 Mar '21
"Eww, you could have kept that to yourself"