A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 11 Mar '24
Tic-tac-toe win
Sun, 18 Feb '24
"I'm not working right now," in email shorthand
Mon, 29 Jan '24
Winning tic-tac-toe line
Tue, 3 Oct '23
Away from work, for short
Wed, 27 Sep '23
On vacation, in work calendar shorthand
Sat, 17 Jun '23
Off from work, in emails
Tue, 10 Jan '23
Winning tic-tac-toe line, when player X isn't paying attention
Sun, 6 Mar '22
Worker's "on vacation" inits.
Thu, 20 Jan '22
Rare tic-tac-toe win
Wed, 17 Nov '21
Hugs, on a love letter