A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 19 Feb '23
International grp. headquartered in Vienna
Sat, 28 Jan '23
Org. that has more members in Africa than in the Mideast
Sat, 20 Aug '22
Reserve group, in brief?
Wed, 18 May '22
Intl. group with members on three continents
Wed, 26 Jan '22
Major oil acronym
Wed, 29 Dec '21
International grp. founded in Baghdad in 1960
Mon, 22 Nov '21
Intl. group that has no members in Europe or North America
Wed, 22 Sep '21
International grp. founded in 1960 in Baghdad
Mon, 12 Jul '21
International grp. with a 1970s U.S. embargo
Fri, 9 Jul '21
International grp. that's well financed?
Tue, 8 Jun '21
International grp. founded in Baghdad