A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sat, 13 Jul '24
Org. whose members work to get tips?
Wed, 12 Jun '24
Jazz grp.
Sat, 8 Jun '24
Court org.
Sun, 26 May '24
Court grp.
Sun, 17 Mar '24
Jazz group, for short
Thu, 22 Feb '24
With 50-Down, annual June sports event
Sat, 27 Jan '24
Org. concerned with traveling
Wed, 1 Nov '23
Trail Blazers' org.
Tue, 27 Jun '23
Org. in which Wizards battle Kings
Thu, 22 Jun '23
In which Bulls lock horns with Bucks, for short
Wed, 12 Apr '23
Org. with a Sixth Man of the Year Award
Tue, 28 Mar '23
Org. for the Hawks and the Hornets
Sun, 19 Mar '23
Suns setting, for short
Mon, 13 Feb '23
Sports org. for Bill Russell
Tue, 27 Dec '22
Org. that oversees court battles
Thu, 13 Oct '22
Heat setting, in brief
Sun, 25 Sep '22
Bird watcher's org., once
Fri, 19 Aug '22
L.A. and N.Y.C. are each represented in it twice
Sun, 14 Aug '22
Org. with a Summer League
Fri, 22 Jul '22
Org. whose logo features a leaning silhouette
Tue, 31 May '22
Org. for King James and Dr. J
Mon, 30 May '22
Org. for the Hawks, but not the Falcons
Fri, 27 May '22
Rockets can be found in it, in brief
Mon, 25 Apr '22
Where Wizards play with Magic, in brief
Tue, 9 Nov '21
Org. for Pistons and Rockets
Sun, 26 Sep '21
Dallas and Houston are in it, in brief
Sun, 19 Sep '21
Org. that bestows the Community Assist Award
Thu, 9 Sep '21
Magic org.
Wed, 7 Jul '21
Org. appropriately found in Elgin Baylor's name
Sun, 21 Mar '21
Hoops grp.
Thu, 4 Mar '21
With 39-Across, classic sports video game ... or a hint to four squares in this puzzle