A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sat, 30 Sep '23
Hot bed?
Thu, 31 Aug '23
What the dish congee is made from
Sat, 13 May '23
Texas university whose mascot is Sammy the Owl
Thu, 13 Apr '23
Food often served in bed?
Thu, 2 Feb '23
Along with lentils, one of the two main ingredients in idli
Fri, 25 Nov '22
Biryani base
Mon, 5 Sep '22
Basmati, e.g.
Fri, 26 Aug '22
Food you might eat in a bed
Sat, 30 Jul '22
___ balls
Fri, 22 Jul '22
Bed in the kitchen?
Sat, 28 May '22
It may be served in a bed
Wed, 27 Jan '21
University whose name is also a food