A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 21 Nov '21
Historic trade ally of the Monacan people
Tue, 2 Nov '21
Cleveland is on its shore
Sat, 16 Oct '21
People also known as the Cat Nation
Sun, 26 Sep '21
Lakeside city that's at one end of I-79
Mon, 30 Aug '21
Buffalo's lake
Mon, 14 Jun '21
Spooky-sounding lake?
Mon, 31 May '21
___ Canal, connector of the Hudson River to the Great Lakes
Wed, 5 May '21
Historic enemy of the Iroquois
Thu, 1 Apr '21
City roughly halfway between Cleveland and Buffalo
Sun, 28 Feb '21
The lake in "lake effect" snow
Tue, 23 Feb '21
County name in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania
Mon, 22 Feb '21
Great Lake with the smallest volume
Mon, 1 Feb '21
Lake bordering Cleveland