A History of Short Words

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Fri, 3 Feb '23
Language that's mutually intelligible with Hindi
Sun, 25 Dec '22
Language of Lahore
Fri, 23 Dec '22
Language that gave us "cummerbund"
Wed, 30 Nov '22
Language of Pakistan
Thu, 1 Sep '22
Origin of the words "khaki" and "pajama"
Sun, 17 Jul '22
Language in which "khoobsurat" means "beautiful"
Thu, 24 Mar '22
Language that gave us "pajamas"
Wed, 26 Jan '22
Language of Pakistan
Thu, 6 Jan '22
Language of Pakistan's Daily Khabrain
Tue, 28 Sep '21
Language from which "bandana" comes
Sun, 26 Sep '21
Language of the 18th-century poet Mir Taqi Mir