A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 14 Jul '22
Feat for a performer, in brief
Thu, 14 Apr '22
Showbiz grand slam
Sun, 12 Dec '21
Set of showbiz awards, in brief
Sun, 5 Dec '21
The "grand slam" of showbiz awards, in brief
Sun, 28 Nov '21
Award achievement for Audrey Hepburn and Andrew Lloyd Webber
Mon, 8 Nov '21
Acronym for a multiaward accomplishment
Thu, 30 Sep '21
Performer's grand slam, in modern parlance
Sun, 8 Aug '21
Achievement for Whoopi Goldberg, in brief
Sun, 4 Jul '21
Complete set of showbiz awards, for short
Sun, 31 Jan '21
Awards feat, for short