A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 26 May '24
Bluesy instrument, for short
Sun, 24 Mar '24
Coltrane's instrument
Thu, 11 Jan '24
Instrument notably featured in George Michael's 1984 hit "Careless Whisper"
Mon, 8 Jan '24
"Wailing" instrument
Sat, 15 Apr '23
Follower of alto or tenor
Mon, 19 Dec '22
Instrument often used as the "J" in a "Jazz Club" sign
Sat, 1 Jan '22
Adolphe who invented a musical instrument
Tue, 28 Dec '21
Instrument in most jazz combos
Fri, 19 Nov '21
Eponymous instrument inventor Adolphe
Mon, 22 Mar '21
Long-bodied jazz instrument, for short