A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Fri, 1 Oct '21
Its products often come with Allen keys
Tue, 28 Sep '21
Store with a one-way route through its cavernous space
Sun, 15 Aug '21
Big believer in the freedom of assembly?
Sun, 1 Aug '21
Producer of the world's most widely read consumer catalog
Sun, 23 May '21
Its merchandise often comes with pictorial instructions
Fri, 19 Mar '21
___ effect, bias toward products that consumers assemble themselves
Wed, 17 Feb '21
Seller of Uppland and Ektorp sofas
Thu, 4 Feb '21
Its products often come with Allen wrenches
Tue, 5 Jan '21
First company to feature a gay couple in a mainstream U.S. TV ad (1994)