A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 7 Apr '24
Bird whose first letter is silent
Wed, 28 Feb '24
Small songbird
Mon, 5 Jun '23
Small songbird
Tue, 29 Nov '22
Small brown passerine that holds its tail upright
Thu, 20 Oct '22
Small songbird
Sun, 17 Jul '22
Small songbird
Tue, 15 Feb '22
Common songbird
Thu, 13 Jan '22
Small bird with a loud song
Wed, 10 Nov '21
State bird of Arizona or South Carolina
Sun, 3 Oct '21
Member in the genus Troglodytes, so named for its tendency to enter dark crevices
Sun, 13 Jun '21
Tomtit is another name for it
Fri, 9 Apr '21
Bird on the South Carolina state quarter
Mon, 18 Jan '21
Small, brown bird