A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 7 May '23
Home of Grace Hopper College
Fri, 9 Dec '22
Alma mater for Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Sun, 14 Aug '22
Home of the David Geffen School of Drama
Thu, 3 Mar '22
Its motto is "Lux et veritas"
Sun, 27 Feb '22
Big name in locks
Fri, 11 Feb '22
Notable founding of 1701
Mon, 10 Jan '22
New Haven alma mater of five presidents
Mon, 26 Apr '21
Alma mater of five U.S. presidents
Fri, 26 Mar '21
Where to find the Whiffenpoofs, who have been singing since 1909
Mon, 25 Jan '21
Rival of Harvard