A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Wed, 15 May '24
"Belling the Cat" storyteller
Mon, 15 Apr '24
Source of the fables "The Fox and the Lion" and "The Lion and the Mouse"
Wed, 27 Mar '24
"Once a wolf, always a wolf" coiner
Wed, 21 Feb '24
Author of "The Eagle and the Fox" and "The Fox and the Lion"
Mon, 5 Feb '24
Famed fable writer
Fri, 28 Apr '23
Man known for his morals
Wed, 8 Mar '23
Fabulous fabulist
Thu, 12 Jan '23
Author whose titles often feature two animals
Wed, 16 Nov '22
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" author
Sun, 9 Oct '22
Writer known for his anthropomorphic animal characters
Sun, 17 Jul '22
Source of the phrase "Look before you leap"
Mon, 16 May '22
"The Fox and the Crow" storyteller
Wed, 28 Apr '21
Man with morals
Sat, 24 Apr '21
Hardly a man without morals
Wed, 24 Mar '21
Classic name in children's literature
Mon, 15 Mar '21
"The Fox and the Grapes" storyteller