A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Wed, 1 May '24
Rule of ___ (comedic principle)
Thu, 14 Mar '24
First digit of this puzzle's subject, whose next four digits are the number of rows and then columns of the grid
Sun, 3 Mar '24
Wed, 26 Jul '23
"The ___-Body Problem" (Hugo Award-winning novel by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin)
Sun, 8 Jan '23
More than a couple
Sun, 4 Dec '22
How March may be written
Sun, 11 Sep '22
It shares space with #
Sun, 27 Mar '22
Number of 101-Acrosses in [see circled letters]
Wed, 19 Jan '22
Number of Brontë sisters or Karamazov brothers
Tue, 5 Oct '21
Afternoon hour
Sun, 22 Aug '21
A crowd, they say
Fri, 20 Aug '21
See 22-Across
Tue, 10 Aug '21
Afternoon hour
Sun, 27 Jun '21
A one and a two