A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 5 Oct '23
What might elicit "Get a room!," in brief
Sun, 23 Jul '23
Sidewalk snogging, e.g., for short
Sun, 30 Apr '23
Something that may elicit stares, in brief
Sun, 19 Mar '23
Conspicuous kissing, e.g., for short
Fri, 17 Mar '23
Locking lips by the lockers, e.g., for short
Sat, 4 Mar '23
French open activity, for short?
Sun, 12 Feb '23
Bussing on a bus, for short
Mon, 24 Oct '22
Smooching on the street, e.g., for short
Thu, 6 Jan '22
Kissing on the subway, e.g., for short
Sat, 20 Nov '21
Exhibition that might attract eye rolls, for short
Tue, 5 Oct '21
Show of love, for short?
Fri, 25 Jun '21
Activity common in nightclubs, in brief
Thu, 10 Jun '21
Reason to avert one's eyes, for short
Sun, 7 Mar '21
What a third wheel might see, in brief
Sun, 27 Dec '20
Canoodling in a crowd, for short