A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sat, 8 Jul '23
Syst. in which making an "L" with the thumb and index finger and raising the pinkie means "I love you"
Mon, 15 May '23
Communication syst. in the deaf community
Sun, 26 Feb '23
Communication method that may be written with Stokoe notation, in brief
Fri, 10 Feb '23
See 49-Across
Sun, 5 Feb '23
Syst. of unspoken words
Wed, 28 Sep '22
In which crossing one's fingers makes the letter "R," in brief
Tue, 31 May '22
In which "I'm sorry" shows a closed fist, in brief
Tue, 24 May '22
Silent communication, for short
Wed, 11 May '22
Communication method in much of the 2021 film "CODA," for short
Fri, 18 Feb '22
Common way to communicate at Gallaudet University, in brief
Tue, 25 Jan '22
It has colloquial gestures like "kiss-fist" and "shaking L": Abbr.
Thu, 18 Nov '21
In which four raised fingers and a curved thumb is "B," in brief
Tue, 5 Oct '21
Communication at Gallaudet Univ.
Mon, 4 Oct '21
Handy way of communicating, in brief?
Mon, 30 Aug '21
Means of communication in "A Quiet Place," in brief