A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 18 Feb '24
Its panhandle abuts British Columbia
Tue, 21 Nov '23
Stately potato?
Wed, 8 Nov '23
Kind of potato also known as a "russet"
Fri, 13 Oct '23
"Napoleon Dynamite" setting
Mon, 31 Jul '23
State whose license plates read "Famous Potatoes"
Fri, 30 Jun '23
Its name is completely fabricated despite being "translated" as "gem of the mountains"
Sat, 17 Jun '23
Sacagawea's birthplace, today
Thu, 27 Apr '23
Source of more than half of the trout sold in the U.S.
Fri, 21 Apr '23
Home of the Sawtooth Wilderness
Wed, 9 Nov '22
Only state whose seal was designed by a woman (Emma Edwards Green, 1891)
Sat, 22 Oct '22
It's slightly larger than all of New England combined
Sun, 16 Oct '22
U.S. ID?
Mon, 3 Oct '22
State known for potatoes
Thu, 11 Aug '22
It shares a 44-mile border with Canada
Wed, 29 Jun '22
Neighbor of Montana
Fri, 7 Jan '22
ID seen at the post office
Thu, 18 Nov '21
Where the Nez Percé Reservation is found
Thu, 4 Nov '21
British Columbia neighbor
Wed, 5 May '21
Where I-15 meets I-86
Sat, 6 Feb '21
Home of the Nez Perce Indian Reservation