A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 28 Dec '23
Where more pigs live than people
Mon, 25 Dec '23
57-Down's state
Mon, 27 Nov '23
Des Moines's home
Fri, 28 Jul '23
Midwest tribe
Thu, 27 Jul '23
Locale of the house depicted in "American Gothic"
Mon, 24 Jul '23
Where Des Moines is
Fri, 10 Mar '23
It has a higher population of pigs than people
Thu, 2 Feb '23
Big Ten school
Sat, 7 Jan '23
"I thought of a joke about ___, but it's too corny" (groaner)
Thu, 26 May '22
"The Music Man" locale
Wed, 10 Nov '21
Johnny Carson's home state
Mon, 1 Nov '21
Hawkeye State
Tue, 5 Oct '21
State generating the highest percentage of its electricity by wind
Thu, 17 Jun '21
Top pork producer in the U.S.
Mon, 3 May '21
Its state fair is much visited by politicians
Sun, 7 Mar '21
___ Writers' Workshop
Wed, 24 Feb '21
Its state seal shows a steamboat on the Mississippi
Sun, 21 Feb '21
Geographical name that comes from the Sioux for "sleepy ones"
Wed, 3 Feb '21
Only state with a two-vowel postal code