A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 26 Feb '24
Little spheres in a pod
Tue, 12 Dec '23
Mattar paneer ingredients
Thu, 13 Jul '23
Pod set
Mon, 3 Jul '23
Things "split" in a green soup
Sun, 12 Mar '23
Mushy ___ (British side dish)
Sun, 7 Aug '22
Vegetables that make a fitting addition to alphabet soup?
Fri, 3 Jun '22
Ingredients in mattar paneer
Fri, 8 Apr '22
Tiny seeds of green fruits, technically
Sat, 12 Feb '22
Though commonly known as vegetables, botanically they are fruit
Thu, 20 Jan '22
Popular samosa filling
Mon, 24 May '21
Challenging vegetables to eat with a fork
Tue, 11 May '21
They're often served mushy in England