A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Fri, 21 Apr '23
"This is your brain on drugs" spot, e.g., in brief
Fri, 7 Apr '23
Free spot, for short
Sun, 5 Mar '23
MADD ad, e.g.
Mon, 27 Feb '23
Free ad, for short
Sun, 12 Feb '23
Smokey spot, for short
Fri, 9 Dec '22
"Knowing is half the battle" spot, in brief
Sat, 15 Oct '22
Something a TV station may not earn money from, for short
Sat, 8 Oct '22
Free spot, in brief
Sun, 13 Mar '22
Smoking spot, for short?
Wed, 24 Nov '21
Nonprofit spot, in brief
Tue, 1 Jun '21
"Here's some important info ...," in brief
Fri, 5 Mar '21
Spot on advice?