A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Sun, 24 Mar '24
Org. with the tagline "No More Victims"
Wed, 26 Jul '23
Org. co-sponsoring a "Decide to Ride" safety initiative
Mon, 15 May '23
Road safety grp.
Sun, 20 Nov '22
Org. that partners with Lyft and Uber to promote safe ridesharing
Sun, 26 Jun '22
Anti-D.U.I. org.
Fri, 4 Feb '22
Nonprofit with the tagline "No More Victims"
Tue, 2 Nov '21
Group promoting hwy. safety
Fri, 8 Oct '21
Anti-D.W.I. org.
Thu, 5 Aug '21
Anti-D.U.I. org.