A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Mon, 5 Jun '23
K-12 fund-raising grps.
Wed, 12 Apr '23
Some book fair organizers, for short
Wed, 1 Feb '23
Grps. organizing book sales or bake sales, maybe
Tue, 6 Sep '22
Grps. that often sponsor book fairs
Tue, 4 Jan '22
School grps. without students
Fri, 8 Oct '21
Grps. receiving Our Children magazine
Tue, 10 Aug '21
K-12 fund-raising grps.
Sat, 7 Aug '21
Groups involved in class actions, for short?
Sat, 31 Jul '21
Readathon supporters, for short
Fri, 4 Jun '21
Certain fund-raising orgs.