A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 9 May '24
V.A. concern, for short
Fri, 19 Jan '24
Psychotherapist's concern, in brief
Wed, 13 Dec '23
Vet's affliction
Wed, 16 Aug '23
Focus of some cognitive therapy, for short
Fri, 2 Jun '23
Possible concern for a vet
Wed, 8 Feb '23
V.A. concern
Sun, 28 Nov '21
Concern for veterans, for short
Sat, 6 Nov '21
What cognitive behavioral therapy might treat, in brief
Mon, 7 Jun '21
Possible condition for a war vet, for short
Sun, 16 May '21
V.A. concern, for short
Wed, 24 Mar '21
Affliction for many a vet