A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Wed, 24 Jan '24
Only U.S. president elected under the Federalist Party
Fri, 18 Aug '23
Yolanda with four Grammys in gospel
Thu, 29 Jun '23
America's first vice, so to speak
Fri, 14 Apr '23
Abigail who wrote "remember the ladies" to her husband in 1776
Sat, 1 Apr '23
Fourth president after Adams
Wed, 22 Feb '23
Amy of "Arrival"
Sun, 4 Dec '22
New York City's mayor after de Blasio
Wed, 7 Sep '22
Actress Amy of "Enchanted"
Sun, 1 May '22
N.Y.C. mayor after de Blasio
Mon, 17 Jan '22
John or John Quincy
Mon, 7 Jun '21
President after Washington
Fri, 23 Apr '21
Oleta of soul